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Video Interactive Guidance (VIG)

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

We are now offering Video Interactive Guidance (VIG) for parents of young children (under 5) who may be showing early signs of neurodiversity and where the child’s differences are impacting on parent confidence in their parenting skills or attunement. Please contact us if you have questions or if you would like to book an appointment.

What is VIG?

VIG is an intervention through which a practitioner uses video clips of real-life situations to help parents see what is working well for them in their interactions with their child and reflect on how to build on the moments where they feel attuned and connected. Your VIG practitioner will not advise you on what you should do differently, and they won’t offer solutions; they provide space to reflect on what you want to do more of in your interactions and empower you in doing more of what works. Sometimes parents don’t know what they are doing well and viewing video clips provide them with this knowledge. You and your VIG practitioner will watch the clips together and share your thoughts and ideas. VIG is a compassionate, respectful, hopeful and strengths-based intervention. If you have thoughts that you are not doing a good job as a parent, VIG can help you move into a new narrative about yourself as a parent, about your child and about your relationship with your child. This is a great video about VIG Video Interaction Guidance - YouTube

VIG has been developed over the past 20 years and it is used worldwide. VIG is recommended by the National Institute for Care and Health Excellence (NICE), who advises NHS and non-NHS services on the interventions that have good supportive evidence behind them. Research has shown that VIG can improve the child/care giver relationship and increase attachment security.

What do sessions look like?

Sessions take place on Microsoft Teams. Your first session is a space to explore your current struggles and find out how you would like things to be different. You will identify situations where you feel things work well between you and your child. During that session, you will decide on what moment to film your VIG practitioner will film you interacting or playing with your child for about 5 minutes. The introduction sessions last up to an hour. If your child is not around at the time of the first appointment, you will agree on another time to meet (via Microsoft Teams) to film the interaction.

In between your first and second appointment, your VIG practitioner will edit the clip into very short moments, and these will be shared with you at the next session (called a shared review). You will both reflect on what you notice and when things are going well in the interaction. This session is 30 minutes.

The process of filming and sharing a clip is called a ‘cycle’. Most people find that two or three cycles are helpful.

How much do sessions cost?

The introduction session and first review costs £350 (this includes the editing).

Each further cycle costs £200.

Who will my VIG practitioner be?

Your VIG practitioner will be Dr Sophie Hughes, a Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience of working with parents and young children, both in NHS and non-NHS settings. Sophie has a particular interest in attachment, the early years, and neurodiversity (ADHD and autism). Sophie has trained in VIG, and she is currently continuing her training. This means that she will need to share recordings of VIG sessions with her VIG supervisor. All recordings are stored securely in line with GDPR requirements and recordings will be deleted after the VIG cycle has finished.


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