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Post diagnostic support for neurodivergent adults

What does it involve?

You choose four sessions from the below topics. This ensures that you can pick something that will be most useful and tailored to your interests and needs:

Making Sense of a Diagnosis- An exploration of what the diagnosis of autism or ADHD means to you and the space to think about the next steps.

• Unmasking and Discovering your True Self- What masking looks like, how exhausting it can be and how to discover what’s you, what is the mask, and the first steps to unmasking.

• Advocating for Yourself - An exploration of how you can self-advocate and stand up for your individual needs and wishes.

• Identifying and Working to your Strengths-An exploration of your strengths and personal talents.

• Sensory Processing- An exploration of your unique experience of the world. What do you seek out or avoid in order to feel settled in the world?

• Executive Functioning- Explore your executive functioning skills, where your strengths are and how to support you in the areas you find most challenging.

• Learning to Pause, Listen to your Body and Soothe Yourself -Thinking about your behaviour as a window into your inner emotional and sensory world. Learning how to recognise when your body feels overwhelmed and ways to soothe and regulate it again.

Who is it for?

This package is open to anyone who has suspected or confirmed neurodivergence. These sessions are not intended to replace formal therapy and cannot support with significant mental health problems or risks.

How much is it?

Our package is £500, and you can add on any additional sessions (£120.00 per additional session).

How do I book?

Please email Dr Sophie Hughes at

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