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Parent post diagnosis support sessions

What does it involve?

Parents choose four sessions from the below topics. This ensures that you can pick something that will be most useful and tailored to your child’s needs. Sessions take place with Dr Emma Shaw, Clinical Psychologist. 

▪ Making Sense of a Diagnosis- An exploration of what the diagnosis of autism or ADHD means to you and your family and space to think about the next steps.

▪ Tricky Moments- Developing an understanding of what might be beneath behaviour and using these as clues into your child’s inner emotional and sensory world.

Advocating for your Child- A discussion of how best to advocate for your child and ways to share a diagnosis with others.

▪ Identifying and working to your Child’s Strengths- What are neurodivergent strengths? How do I recognize these? How can you support your child on their journey to learn about themselves?

▪ Reflecting on your Parenting Journey and the Importance of Self Compassion- For parents to understand the importance of looking after their own needs, alongside their child’s needs.

▪ Sleep and Neurodivergence- Understanding sleep challenges for neurodivergent children and identifying what might help.


Prior to each session you will be sent reflective questions so that you and Emma can prepare and get the most out of each session. There will also be some information to take away after the sessions. We hope that these sessions offer an initial exploration of your child’s experiences, a space for you to reflect and to learn new tips and strategies. The sessions are delivered online, and they are 40 minutes long.

Who is it for?

This package is open to any parent of a neurodivergent child, as well as those who suspect that their child is neurodivergent (but not formally confirmed). These sessions are not intended to replace formal therapy and cannot support parents of children with significant risk or mental health problems.

How much is it?

Our package is £500, and you can add on any additional sessions (£120.00 per additional session).

How do I book?

Please email Dr Sophie Hughes at

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