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Adult ADHD Assessment

We take pride in following the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines for ADHD assessment.  Our assessments are carried out by experienced clinicians. We use 'gold standard' recommended assessment tools used. Autism often co-occurs with ADHD and therefore we also offer combined ADHD and autism assessments.  

Our assessment process

Step 1: You attend an online initial consultation. 

Step 2: You attend a diagnostic interview (online or at our clinic in Southampton). 

Step 3: You complete a computer attention task from home or at one of our clinics in Wokingham (Berkshire) or North Clapham (London). 

Step 4: We discuss all of the information that we have gathered and review any reports you have shared (e.g. school reports or mental health reports). 

Step 5: You attend an online follow up appointment to discuss the outcome of the appointment. 

After assessment

You will receive a detailed report that includes your strengths, challenges and our recommendations. If a diagnosis if given, we will provide a shorter report for your employers and education settings. If a diagnosis of ADHD is provided, we will signpost you to our colleagues in private ADHD treatment services if you would like to explore medications. We can recommend therapists, coaches and other psychologists who can work with your psychological needs and post-diagnosis adjustment, if this would be helpful. 

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