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Adult Autism Assessment

We take pride in following the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines for autism assessment. Our assessments are carried out by a minimum of two highly specialist clinicians.

We use 'gold standard' recommended assessment tools and work as a team to reach our conclusions. 

We offer online or in person assessments. 


Our assessment process

Step 1: You attend an online initial consultation. 

Step 2: You attend a more detailed diagnostic interview (either online, in Southampton or Wokingham)

Step 3: You attend an assessment called the ADOS (either online, in Southampton, North Clapham or Wokingham). 

Step 4: You complete some questionnaires. 

Step 5: We discuss all of the information that we have gathered and review any reports you have shared (e.g. school reports or mental health reports). 

Step 6: You attend an online follow up appointment to discuss the outcome of the assessment. 

After your assessment

You will receive a detailed report that includes your strengths, challenges and our recommendations. If a diagnosis if given, we will also provide a shorter report for you to share with employers and education settings.  We can recommend therapists, coaches and other psychologists who can work with your psychological needs and post-diagnosis adjustment, if this would be helpful. 

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